Lemongrass Oil || DIY

Lemongrass Oil || DIY

How I made some lemongrass oil for myriad natural body remedies x

Ingredients //
– 1 x lemongrass stalk
– 1 cup x unscented oil

[ rice bran oil is packed with Vitamin E, so it is a natural stimulant of collagen production, maintains skin-tone balance and reduces puffiness around the eyes! ]

Other oil alternatives: olive, grapeseed or any unscented natural oil. If you use almond or coconut oil, more lemongrass stalks will be needed to overcome the oil’s prominent aroma.

Method //
1. Ensure lemongrass stalk is dry. Chop finely.
2. Place lemongrass in mortar and crush with pestle, or any other heavy object.
3. Using a double-boiler or, as I have done, a pot and glass bowl, allow approx 2 cups of water to simmer in pot.
4. Once steaming / boiling, pour oil into glass bowl that is placed above water pot.
5. Allow oil to warm. Scrape crushed lemongrass into oil. Stir.
6. Keep mixture on low heat for a minimum of 60 minutes. The longer the infusion the greater the extraction of lemongrass oil.
7. Turn off heat. Allow bowl to cool on counter before straining the lemongrass remnants from the oil. Compost the strained lemongrass.
8. Pour oil into a clean, dry jar with a tight fitting lid.

VOILA! Your very own versatile lemongrass oil x

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