Lemongrass Essential Oil for Yeast Infection

Lemongrass Essential Oil for Yeast Infection

— Candida Hub’s article on treating Candida with lemongrass essential oil. Also visit the site to find out about a natural cure for yeast infections that cures them in 12 hours!

Yes, you can use lemongrass essential oil to knock out a Candida (the yeast that causes infections) problem. Lemongrass is proven to be twice as effective at stopping yeast than the prescription drug nystatin. With such a powerful treatment like this, there is really no need to look around for other solutions.

Yet, as good as lemongrass essential oil is at treating yeast overgrowth, adding other essential oils can increase the overall effectiveness of a treatment. Different plant oils will be comprised of differing chemicals; thus, they will work in unique ways to inhibit the development of Candida. When you attack yeast on “multiple fronts,” so to speak, with multiple chemical weapons, it gets killed faster than with one weapon alone. The renowned botanist and author, Dr. James Duke, also suggests mixing antifungal plant oils. Dr. Duke, in his book The Green Pharmacy, states that studies have shown that combinations of antifungal oils work better at treating fungal infections than single oils alone.

Candida Hub has an extensive section on essential oils; there, you will be able to find out about many different oils that are active against Candida. By reading up on a few different oils, you’ll learn how to use them together in your natural remedy for yeast infections. You should be able to make a great cure for your problem by using a few different essential oils.

If you’d like to see the studies behind this information, get a bit more information about lemongrass oil, or look at other antifungal oils, check out Candida Hub via the link at the top of the description. You can also learn about a powerful, all-natural 12 hour cure for yeast infections that has worked for many people! Thanks so much for watching!

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