Lemon Olive Oil Home Remedy for Joint Pain

Lemon Olive Oil Home Remedy for Joint Pain

Lemon Olive Oil Home Remedy for Joint Pain

Lemon infused olive oil is a fantastic remedy for joints pain. This oil can be made at home very easily. In this article, we will tell you how to make lemon olive oil and further using its dressing to heal joint pain. Relieving joints pain with this is so effective that it is widely used by people who know it.

Seniors in the home are usually affected of joint pains. It is a common problem among people which comes with age. Taking antibiotics, and this and that often does not work but generates side effects most of the times. Today, I am telling you an awesome home remedy for joint pain which contains only two ingredients, lemon and olive oil. This is one of the simplest sore joint remedies you would have seen.

It is easy to make.
It is effective!

Generally, lemon and olive oil, both are used in many kinds of home remedies due to their miraculous properties. However, you know when they are combined accordingly (as told following), they are very helpful to reduce pain in joints.

Here is the method:

Ingredients Required:

4 Lemons
Olive Oil
An Air Tight Jar
A Gauze
Clear Plastic Bag
Wool Shawl


1 Put lemon peel in the jar; fill jar with olive oil up to its mouth.
2 Close the jar tight and place at a safe place for 14 days.
3 After 14 days, when it is ready to use, dip the gauze thoroughly in the oil and place on the joint in question.
4 Put plastic bag over the gauze and wrap it with woolen shawl.
5 Do this before you sleep and remove this coating in the morning.
6 Repeat the process for some days to see the affect.

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