Lavender Essential Oil and Sleep for Infants and Toddlers

Lavender Essential Oil and Sleep for Infants and Toddlers

In this short video, learn how to use organic lavender essential oil and coconut oil to craft a simple and effective bedtime routine for your family.

Do you ever wonder if your infant or toddler is getting the sleep they need?

Sleep Shortages can lead to

Decreased Learning
Lower Memory retention
Increased Anxiety
Difficulty Focusing

Improving your family’s sleep is one thing you can do that will have the GREATEST LONG TERM EFFECT on your children

Here’s one simple thing you can do. An Easy win.

“Participants who used lavender at night showed significantly improved well-being in the domains of sleep, energy and vibrancy and overall trend of well-being in comparison to those who did not”

For this sleep routine enhancer, you’ll need 2 ingredients. Organic Lavender Essential Oil and Coconut Oil

Dilute at a 1% Lavender to 99% Coconut.

Enjoy a mini aromatherapy massage 15 mintues before bed and sleep

Massage on your feet, wrists and shoulders.

Use it after bath, before bedtime and the aroma will help lock in a great, natural sleep routine

Here’s a highly recommended product. I’ts premixed at just the right ratio.

Here’s what parents are saying:

This product is AMAZING and I highly recommend it to anyone. I use it every night to give my daughters a quick foot massage after bath time but right before bed. They love it and look forward to it. I’m also 9 months pregnant and I use it every night to massage my stomach while laying in bed. This is when my unborn son is the most active so while I’m massaging my belly, he’s moving around and reacting to my massage. It’s a way for me to bond and play with my child before he arrives and I can imagine continuing this routine once he’s born by giving him a nighttime massage before bed.
The best part of this essential oil is that the barrier oil is included and doesn’t need to be paired with another oil. Everything you need is in this small bottle by itself.

Hand Made in teh USA

Organic Lavender is Seasonal and supplies are limited

Available on and

Backed by science. Supported by parents.
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