Japanese body massage technique with essential oil

Japanese body massage technique with essential oil

Benefits of massage for the body
Massage massage is an impact on acupuncture points, skin, tendons and joints to achieve the goal of disease prevention and treatment.

The advantage of this method is simple, effective, wide range of treatment, good prevention. Can be used in any situation and not dependent on other means. You can go to the spa or use a portable massage machine at home to relax weight.
Muscle effect: Increases the muscle capacity (endurance) of muscle, fatigue quickly recovers. When muscles work stressfully causes edema, stiffness, pain, massage can do all those things. This method has a good effect on muscle atrophy, causing glycogen accumulation to increase, muscle is well nourished.

Effect on tendons, joints: Massage increases elasticity, activity of tendons, ligaments, promotes fluid secretion in the joints and circulatory around the joint, thus eliminating stagnant synovial phenomenon. and the phenomenon of swollen fluid in the joints, improves the circulation of blood and lymph around the joints and tendons.

Effects on circulation: For blood dynamics, works well with the heart, reduces the burden on the heart, due to vasodilation (should reduce the resistance in the circuit) and directly promote rapid circulation. For blood pressure, the clinical fact has shown that strengthening massage at the top and upper half makes it easier to raise blood pressure, whereas a half-body massage can lower blood pressure. Or massage neck vertebra 2 and 3 will lower blood pressure, massage lumbar vertebrae 6, 7 can increase blood pressure. For blood components, while massages, red blood cells, platelets slightly increase, the massage is finished again. The number of white blood cells and hemoglobin may also increase. This transient change may be due to neurological reflexes, which may be due to the effects of fluid and may enhance the body’s defense.

Effect with lymph: Massage is very effective with the lymphatic system. Lymph circulates in the lymphatic area due to muscle contraction, then enters the vein. Massage has a direct effect of pushing lymph in a certain direction, making the lymphatic circulation increase many times faster. Quickly swell pepper (massage in the direction of lymphatic circulation). For patients with severe legs (due to excessive walking) or because of lymphatic circulation have problems, you can use massage to make lymph circulate, promote circulation of water, thus depleting your legs and recovering normally. .

Effects on respiration: When being massaged in the chest, the patient is deeply breathing, can be directly stimulated into the chest component and due to neural reflexes. If light massage of the vertebrae 4 and 5 will cause pulmonary contraction, massage the lumbar vertebrae 6, 7, 8 will dilate the lungs, so it can be used to treat emphysema, bronchial asthma, sclerosis lungs … to improve breathing function and prevent the collapse of breathing function.

Effects on digestion: Has the effect of strengthening peristalsis of the stomach and intestines and improving digestive function. When the function of secreting gastrointestinal, gastrointestinal, liver fluids is poor, it should be strongly stimulated to increase secretion. When the digestive secretion is pr
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