iTovi scanner | Why I love it | Your essential oils tool!

iTovi scanner | Why I love it | Your essential oils tool!

My referral link for iTovi:

In this video I share a bit about how the iTovi frequency scanner works. I’ve been using it for a little while and really love it. It’s a great tool to use to help see what areas of your body are out of balance, you can also use it with your distributors or in person at events as well!

How it works:
The iTovi is a frequency scanner that sends frequencies through the small electrodes on the side of the device. The device is super lightweight, easily fits in your pocket. You charge it via USB.

It works with your smartphone via bluetooth signal. The device measures how your body reacts to the frequencies and comes up with a detailed report indicating your body’s unresolved biopoints.

What are unresolved biopoints?

A high number of unresolved biopoints indicates poor health. It will give a detailed list of essential oils and supplements that can best help bring your body back into its optimal state and health.

The positives:

I’ve felt the scans have been spot on for myself and for my distributors! Save yourself a trip to the doctor and let this little frequency scanner help you troubleshoot your health issues!

It captures the contact information of the person being scanned and easily emails a report to the client. Helps your client determine what products they should order.

The downside:

You have to have smart phone to use it. The monthly fee is a bit steep BUT iTovi does pay you a referral fee for every person you send their way that signs up for the device. So with that said, use my link and go get one!!! : )

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