iTOVi Scanner | The Ultimate Essential Oils Tool? | iTOVi Scanner Review

iTOVi Scanner | The Ultimate Essential Oils Tool? | iTOVi Scanner Review

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iTOVi Scanner Review Information:

The iTOVi scanner is a pocket-sized device that has redefined health and wellness as we know it. With just a simple scan, it enables you to understand how your body responds to the essential oils that you use.

The scanner works using scientific technology and patented algorithms. It is easy to use and carry around. The device focuses on your unique bodily preferences for different essential oils and supplements. It also boasts of a unique energy signature that can be easily read and compared to normal body responses. As such, you can easily determine what your body needs.

Read this iOTVi scanner review and find out what the device has to offer:

How It Works

By sending a frequency to your body, the iTOVi scanner reacts through the bioimpedance technology. This involves the painless process of passing a measurable electrical current through the skin. The received frequency is sent to the body and the iTOVi interprets it by showing your body’s reaction to essential oils. In turn, this will give you a good idea of how you can customize the body’s nutrition and support overall wellness. The scanner can be used by a variety of people including children, patients with cardiac history and pregnant women. It offers 100% safety.

The Scan Report

After the scanning process, the iTOVi scanner issues a scoring report that indicates any problems that may be encountered in the body’s essential oil as well as its composition analysis. The report will show a suggested supporting essential oil product that will give you accurate, individualized results. After a single scan, it is important to allow the recommended supplements to work in the body. However, scanning for essential oils should be done frequently.

The Pros

· Portable scanning device

The iTOVi scanner is easy to carry from one place to another. As the device is not bulky, it can fit into your points pocket quite comfortably.

· All it needs is a smartphone

The scanner is not a complicated device to use. If you are using iOS 8 or Android 4.4 versions of smartphones then the essential oil scanner will work effectively. It may not be a stand-alone device but it is simple for anyone with a smartphone to use.

· Gives accurate essential oil results

You do not have to make a trip to the hospital or book appointments in order to find out whether your body is working as required. If you are interested in your essential oil levels then the scanner will always give accurate results and offer healthy recommendations.

· Detailed reports

The scan reports offer a detailed description of the benefits of the essential oils that you are scanning for. This will ensure that you are informed and also make a change if you need to.


This iOTVi scanner review is all that you need to make the right change. Essential oils are not only important for use in everyday life but they are also highly valuable for the body’s proper functioning. They ensure that the body reaches its optimal health level. With the iTOVi scanner in hand, you will be able to change your body’s functionality as you know it.
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