Is Deodorant Really Bad For Your Health?

Is Deodorant Really Bad For Your Health?

Does deodorant cause disease? What chemicals does antiperspirant contain? Can it give me cancer? We’ll be exploring all of that AND more!

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Since the early 2000’s, a number of studies have been conducted on the side-effects of antiperspirant. In particular, the aluminum ingredient has been given major focus.

Aluminum-compounds act as a sort of barricade that blocks the flow of sweat from reaching the surface of your skin.

Many researchers believed that aluminum-compound was a primary contributor to women’s breast cancer. This is due to the armpit’s proximity to the breast. But some studies actually found no correlation between the two.

You may want to check on how much aluminum you are actually consuming. It just so happens that large quantities can sink into your system and alter your DNA. This eventually CAN lead to cancer development. It has also been confirmed that this same amount can disrupt estrogen receptors, which also can be linked to breast cancer.

While deodorant may not directly cause Alzheimer’s, there’s evidence to suggest it does play a part in dementia. Medications used by dialysis patients leave large amounts of aluminum in their system. Since their kidneys are not working as fast, they don’t process and remove aluminum as quickly.

This lead researchers to fear that the aluminum would dissolve into their system eventually affecting the brain, causing dementia. Overtime, deodorant brands would begin posting labels on their products warning consumers that they should not use deodorant if their kidneys are functioning any less than 30%.

Contact dermatitis occurs when your armpit is having an allergic reaction to the deodorant. It’s normally followed by a red, itchy rash that forms in and around your pits. Not exactly something you want your date to see.

The numerous chemicals in deodorants can also cause something known as fragrance allergy. This can affect up to 4% of the general population.

Parabens are preservatives found in body and skin care products. These inter in the production of estrogen in women and Phthalates can have the same effect on men with testosterone.
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