Intaglio Soap | Carved Cold Process | Soap Challenge Club

Intaglio Soap | Carved Cold Process | Soap Challenge Club

Intaglio Soap | Carved Cold Process | Soap Challenge Club
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00:24 – drawing the idea
00:39 – adding the lye to the oils
00:57 – separating & coloring the first thin layer
01:26 – pouring the first thin layer
02:20 – blending the rest of the soap
02:29 – adding the essential oil blend
02:40 – dividing & coloring the soap for the sun, tree, & road
03:23 – pouring the soap
04:22 – unmolding the soap
04:33 – measuring & cutting the soap into bars
05:01 – planing and trimming the soap
05:37 – carving the soap
08:24 – final photos

This was my entry for the Great Cakes Soap Intaglio [in-tal-yoh] challenge. If you’d like more details, check out my blog post:

Clyde Yoshida of Vibrant Soap has created some amazing soaps using the intaglio technique. Clyde’s videos, along with a beautifully carved soap from Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soapworks, were our guides for this technique.

You can find Clyde’s channel here:
Vibrant Soap YouTube channel –
Making Intaglio Cold Process Soap –

In case you’re interested, I have an affiliate store where I’ve listed all of the soap making supplies and materials that I purchase on Amazon:
If you use those links to buy anything, it won’t cost you anything extra, but I will receive a very small percentage of the sale. Every little bit helps, though, so thank you very much if you do! 🙂

My video shows just a few minutes (sped up) of me carving one soap, but the carving and detailed cleaning of all 4 soaps took me almost 4 hours. 🙂

Remember to always wear safety glasses and gloves when making soap. If you’ve never made cold process soap before, check out these helpful videos:
Soap Queen TV – LYE SAFETY:
Amanda Aaron of Lovin’ Soap – BEGINNER SERIES:

**** RECIPE ****
Olive Oil – 33%
Coconut Oil – 25%
Lard – 28%
Avocado Oil – 8%
Castor Oil – 6%

Superfat – 6%

Lye & Water – use a soap calculator like the one at Majestic Mountain Sage (
I used a 33% lye solution (water = 2 x lye)

*** Great article on understanding water discounts and lye solutions – ***

I used Amy Warden’s method of dissolving indigo in oil –

Color Prep:
Indigo Powder (
mix 1 teaspoon into 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil

White ( Yellow ( & Green ( clays:
1 teaspoon dispersed in enough distilled water to be fluid

Nettle Leaf Powder (
mix 1 teaspoon into 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil

Activated Charcoal (
mix 1 teaspoon into 1 tablespoon sunflower oil

Cocoa Powder (
2 teaspoons dispersed in 2 or 3 tablespoons of distilled water

Color Usage after the prep above:
Blue – a few drops indigo oil added to 1/4 cup of soap
White – 1/2 teaspoon kaolin clay added to 1/4 cup soap
Yellow – 1/4 teaspoon added to 1/8 cup soap
Light Green – about 2 teaspoons green clay to 1/4 cup soap
Dark Green – 1 teaspoon nettle leaf oil plus 2 drops of indigo oil added to 1/4 cup soap

Essential Oil Blend:
Rosemary – 2 parts
Peppermint – 1 part


Carving/Sculpting Tools –
Large Planer with side support –
Waring 7” Quik Stik Immersion Blender –
BrambleBerry 9 Bar Birchwood Mold –
Soap cutter – Buds Woodshop (Bud Haffner) on Etsy –
My favorite silicone spoons for soap making –
And these silicone spatulas are really nice –
Norpro Funnel Measuring Cups –
Batter Bowls (3 Quart) –
Bakers Secret 14 Cup Batter Bowl –
Long nitrile protective gloves –
3M Protective Eyewear –
Arm shields (slip on to protect arms from splatter) –

Canon 7d Mk II –
Canon Lens for Video – Canon EF-S 18-55 STM –
Wireless Remote for Canon Cameras –
Lighting Kit –


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