Infected Ingrown Toenail Home Remedy

Infected Ingrown Toenail Home Remedy

Ingrown toenails can be very painful when they get infected. I came up with this home remedy a few years ago through experimenting with different oils when my son got an ingrown toenail infection. I was surprised at how quickly this remedy worked at getting rid of the infection and we have used this remedy ever since we discovered it. I hope this tip will help you as much as it has helped us. Remember to always use high quality essential oils when using them for medicinal purposes. Here are a couple of links about the oils that I use in this remedy.
Oregano Oil:

Lavender Oil:
Here is more information about ingrown toenails to help you understand a little more about them:
When I was young I had a LOT of ingrown toenails so I know how painful they can be. I actually had to have surgery to keep my nails from growing into my toes because it happened so frequently. (check link above) Mine was a permanent removal of the nail on both sides of each of my big toes. Dustin gets ingrown toenails once in a while because he does not cut his toenails as often as he should. It is rare that he gets them but when he does get them, he cuts his nails and uses this home remedy. It clears it right up. If you have constant infections and ingrown toenails than you might want to visit a foot doctor. For me, the surgery was a blessing because both sides of my big toenails would get ingrown all the time. This remedy gets rid of the infection but not the ingrown toenail. So visit your doctor if it is a frequent problem, but if it is a rare problem… cut your nails and give this remedy a try. Thanks for watching. 🙂






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