I love my Essential Oil Diffuser by Bellasentials and how I use it

I love my Essential Oil Diffuser by Bellasentials and how I use it

I did this short video to show how I use my aromatherapy diffuser by BellaSentials with Eucalyptus and Lemon oil. Here is where I bought it…

I wanted to show you how I use my BellaSentials aromatherapy diffuser.

First, I put two cups of water in my diffuser. I’m going to fill my measuring cup up with two cups of water. Then I take this over to my desk where I currently have my diffuser. Then I removed the lid on the diffuser, and I fill the holding tank with the two cups of water. Once that’s full, then I add my favorite oils. Right now my favorites are lemon and eucalyptus. I put about 10 drops of eucalyptus in and about three to five drops of lemon.

It is recommended that you only add up to 5 drops of any citrus oil to this diffuser. I added about nine drops of eucalyptus, and then three drops of lemon in the diffuser. Once I have that done, I just simply put the lid right back on my diffuser.

I like the ambiance of the LED Light, I will turn the light on which is just one button on the left hand side of the diffuser. And then I’m going to put my diffuser on low misting. The button on the right side I will click two times, first click sets the diffuser on high, second click will set it on low. I’ll get 10 to 12 hours of the diffusing out of this.

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