How to Use the Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser Necklace By Idymar

How to Use the Aromatherapy Essential Oils Diffuser Necklace By Idymar

Aromatherapy is a powerful way to uplift the senses. There are scents to calm, scents to invigorate, to enhance mental clarity and concentration, improve sleep, and mentally energize. But when you are away from home, such as in an office or school setting, it would also be helpful to be able to harness aromatherapeutic scents during the work day. Idymar designed a necklace to do just that: it is an essential oil diffuser necklace that allows for personal aromatherapy wherever you go.

The Idymar necklace is a stainless steel pendant locket on a 24″ chain with a two-inch extender. It has an attractive Tree of Life design. It also comes with ten colorful pads that can hold aromatherapy oils. These ten colorful microfiber cloth pads are inserted behind the tree pattern within the locket chamber of the pendant as a background color to the tree and can coordinate with your outfit of the day. The cloth pad colors are black, white, red, pink, blue, and yellow. There are two of each color of all but black and white. It comes in an attractive, well-made hinged gift box suitable for gift giving. The gift box is not chintzy; it looks more expensive than the standard hinged gift box and is similar to the gift boxes that often come with more expensive jewelry pieces. It comes with a small polishing cloth and dye-cut card with the tree pattern.

We like the Aromatherapy necklace idea for two big reasons: to harness the power of aromatherapy when you are away from home and to mask the smell of food odors or other unpleasant aromas that you may be exposed to during the day.

For example, if the office or school cafeteria has a strong smelling fish or soup meal that day, clothing will pick up that scent. Others may have also had the meal, but they only smell the aroma on YOU. A pleasant smelling scent, lightly diffused via the Aromatherapy necklace helps counteract lingering food odors. The necklace is a versatile piece that goes with both casual and dressier outfits.

Apply the essential oil or oil blend to the pad in your choice of color. You may already have a favorite essential oil or oil blend. I found the micro pads hold the scent for several hours. Some ideas we find useful for this necklace include:


– Peppermint Oil is invigorating and aids with mental clarity. It is beneficial when studying, or concentrating on a project or school exam. It is also can mask pungent food smells or cigarette smoke. Peppermint Oil also tends to deter bugs and can work as a natural, pleasant smelling bug spray.
– Rosemary Oil helps with nervousness, fatigue, and mental clarity, especially when under stress, like during a presentation or staff meeting. Some report that diffusing Rosemary Oil helps students concentrate while doing their homework or learning.
– Exercise such as Yoga, Pilates, and stretching are enhanced by the uplifting scent of Grapefruit Oil. Grapefruit is stimulating and uplifts the mood.
– Eucalyptus is helpful for congestion, and is helpful in dry offices allergy season, or if you are coming down with or recovering from a cold
– Lemon is invigorating, smells clean and is considered a universally liked scent.
– Tea Tree Oil helps deter bugs and ticks, useful for camping, hikes, and picnics when bug spray is not an option.

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