How to Use Lavender Oil for Sleep

How to Use Lavender Oil for Sleep

How To Use Lavender Oil For Sleep. Click for the video at:

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Ashley and the chances are you have found me because you are looking to find out how to use lavender oil for sleep.
Is that right?

If it is …fantastic.

I’ve got my little bottle of lavender oil and I’ve got ots to tell you about it.
Its interesting actually, I have a vase of lavender on the table at the moment because it’s the end of August and so we have to harvest the lavender to prevent it from becoming all spindly and leggy and it’s beautful in the winter when you have all that gorgeous silvery foliage, but its a very important medicinal plant. A very ancient plant, the name lavender comes from the Roman name laver, which means to wash. It was one of their very favourite medicines ad if we look at unani medicine, believe it or not, over a thousand years ago they were using it in exactly the same ways as we use it today.

So I guess you are wondering, “Well what do I do with it?” “How do I use lavender oil for sleep?” because sleepnessless is awful, it’s just dreadful. I can remember not being able to get to sleep when I was carrying my last sson and and I was tossing and turning all night, and I was feeling sick because I ha not had enough sleep and I was biting the heads off the kids, I couldn’t concentrate. Just horrible, and so, yeah, once you establish exactly what you have to do with it lavender is a wonderful, wonderful helper

It will do the job on its own but there are some other oils that work well with it to make it a bit more effective, that get your body clock into alignment, that get your sleeping rhythm into place.

It’s interesting sometimes to think about “well, why are we not sleeping?” so the subject of aromatheray is a wide one, so what I’ve done is put together another video slightly more indepth oil that will tell you how to use lavender oil for sleep, where you would apply it to get to sleep, different modes of using it, but also…you’ve bought that little botte of oil…what else can you do with it? What exactly is lavender oil for?

In case any of you don’t know, I am an aromatherapists, with 25 years experience. I am the UK Director for the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists so in my time, I have treated a lot of people with insomnia, and also got myself to sleep, a lot over the years!
So click the link below for the more indepth video with all you need to know to get to sleep but also some other ideas of oils to eradicate this horrible problem you are having.

So, click the link and I’ll see you on the other side.

How to use lavender oil for sleep channel:

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