How to Use EWL Acacia Powder as a Solubilizer for Essential Oils

How to Use EWL Acacia Powder as a Solubilizer for Essential Oils

Acacia gum is a great choice when looking for a natural solubilizer–something that can help oils dissolve in water without falling out of the solution and needing a good shake before use. Acacia gum, despite the word “gum” in its name, will not increase the viscosity of your recipe or create a gel. Instead, it will help essential oils stay solubilized in your toner, serum, or perfume spray!

You need a solubilizer to help keep the essential oils and water together for this perfume spray. This is not the same process as an emulsion because we want the oil to be soluble in water, not just in a mix of oil and water at a more even ratio.

Equipment You’ll Need
• Stir stick or mixing spoon
• Scale


Ingredient – Lbs – Percentage by weight
Acacia Gum – 0.0624 – 80%
Essential Oil – 0.0156 – 20%

1. When using acacia as a solubilizer, you will need approximately 4-parts acacia gum to 1-part essential oil. This is reflected in the ingredient measurements above
2. Mix the essential oil directly into the acacia gum powder to make a paste.
3. Use this mixture to add to your recipe. You will want to turn on your stick blender and add the mixture to your recipe while mixing

Please note that this recipe has not been challenge tested for preservation efficacy. If you use this recipe for market sales, it is up to you to ensure the safety of the product.