How to Use Essential Oils for Meditation & Yoga

How to Use Essential Oils for Meditation & Yoga

Do you like to recenter yourself through yoga and/or meditation? Medical News Today has reported on many studies highlighting advantages of yoga and meditation, including countering cognitive decline, improving lower back pain, and easing depression. And many of us, including e3’s founder, Caryn Gehlmann, find it relaxing and reinvigorating, especially when we add essential oils for meditation to our sessions.

Using essential oils for meditation and yoga enhance the effectiveness of your session, as it adds and engages another one of your senses—the powerful sense of smell. Think about what your goal is—to calm down, to relax, to focus, to gain clarity, to become more mindful, to find inner peace, to promote love. Then choose essential oils that help you do that during your yoga workout or meditation sessions. Watch Caryn’s short video on easy ways to incorporate essential oils for meditation into your personal routine.


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