How to Use Essential Oil for Yeast Infections

How to Use Essential Oil for Yeast Infections

— Candida Hub’s article on treating Candida with various essential oils. Also visit the site to find out about a natural cure for yeast infections that cures them in 12 hours!

Essential oils are a powerful natural medicine that can work well for treating a yeast infection. There are quite a few plant oils that will inhibit and kill Candida, the fungus which causes yeast infections. Not all essential oils are antifungal, so make sure you use one that has proven activity against Candida. Also, make sure you don’t ingest any essential oil that isn’t safe to take internally. For example, tea tree oil can be very dangerous to ingest as just a small amount of this oil can kill you. Externally, tea tree oil is safe to use as a “last resort” to treat a yeast infection.

Two other very powerful essential oils are oregano and thyme oil. Both have been shown to have some of the strongest ability to stop Candida. Cinnamon and clove oil also work well. Lemongrass oil, another oil that can kill Candida, also works to break up Candida biofilm. Biofilm can give Candida cells an extremely heightened resistance to antifungal drugs; and, even make it more difficult for essential oils to kill.

The renowned herbalist and author, Dr. James Duke, recommends, in his book The Green Pharmacy, that you try mixing multiple essential oils together to use for fungal infections. Dr. Duke explains that research has shown that combinations of plant oils regularly are more effective at dealing with fungal infections than a single oil alone. Consequently, you should try to get several different antifungal essential oils and mix them together. This will likely create a healing synergy and give you a much more effective remedy for Candida. Candida Hub has a list of several essential oils with proven antifungal capabilities; research and information about these oils is available on the website!

Often, you will need to dilute an essential oil in some carrier medium before you apply it. Two great choices for a medium to use with essential oils is coconut oil or honey. Both coconut oil and honey have been proven to stop Candida overgrowth. You can put the mixture you make with either of these substances directly on the area of concern on the body; or, you can soak a tampon in it and let it sit in the vagina. This should give you some relief from your problem, and you should eventually get rid of your infection!

For more information regarding essential oils for treating a yeast infection, consider checking out Candida Hub’s section on this topic. The link is at the beginning of this description. And, you can find out about a natural remedy for yeast infections that will totally cure you in about 12 hours!

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