How to Use Digize Essential Oil | Essential Oils for Digestive Support | 3 Tips

How to Use Digize Essential Oil | Essential Oils for Digestive Support | 3 Tips

Let’s talk about Digize Essential Oil! To keep this video short, I’ve suggested 3 uses that will help you add this oil to your daily routine.

1. Aromatically: Not intended to be used for aromatic support. However each individual oil in this blend has been used to help balance emotions. This oil smells like black licorice and dirt, so if using in a diffuser, I would pair it with a bright or sweet scent like orange!

2. Topically: Put a drop or two on your belly with a carrier oil and massage in a circular motion. Use 1 part EO to 4 parts carrier oil. I like to use coconut oil. But you can use avocado, grapeseed, almond or olive oil! Apply as needed to help your tummy feel better.

3. Internally: Put 2-3 drops in an empty capsule and top with carrier oil. Take before each meal.

This oil blend includes:

1. Tarragon: Combats parasites; anti-inflammatory; may help with UTIs.
2. Ginger: combats nausea and indigestion.
3. Peppermint: improves digestion.
4. Juniper: Detoxing; amplifies kidney function.
5. Fennel: stimulates the GI system; promotes digestion.
6. Anise: Stimulates bile flow; promotes digestion.
7. Patchouli: Alleviates nausea; reduces fluid retention
8: Lemongrass: Aniti-inflammatory; improves digestion.

I only use Young Living Essential Oils because of their Seed to Seal process. It’s a promise of integrity. Gary Young has said that he never makes an oil for profit, he makes it for a purpose. Seed to Seal means each plant is hand-weeded, there are no pesticides used, no chemicals, and no weed killers. The plants are harvested at their peak. They’re then put through a vigorous testing process. Then they go from the farm directly to your home. Seed to Seal is not a slogan, it’s a promise. You can learn more by checking out the Young Living story, and fall in love with the company as I have, at

I’ve chosen to give 3 tips because 3 benefits are easier to remember when learning about oils, and there are 3 ways to use oils. Topical, Aromatic and Internal.

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