How to use Carrier Oils with Essential Oils

How to use Carrier Oils with Essential Oils

What is a carrier oil and how do you use it? This video explains all about it. To read more visit

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If you are using essential oils, you have probably heard the term ‘carrier oil’. What is a carrier oil and how are you supposed to use them?

Good questions!

The world of essential oils can be overwhelming and I advise people to take it slow and steady as they learn. Learning about carrier oils is important in the early stages of your oily journey.

What is a Carrier Oil?

A carrier oil is simply a vegetable oil usually derived from the seeds, nuts or kernels of a plant. Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils and carry them onto your skin.

Many essential oils should be diluted before using. While many can be used ‘neat’ (undiluted), diluting helps spread the essential oil over a larger part of the skin. We recommend Young Living oils and they have dilution recommendations on the back of each bottle.

Carrier oils are also great if you get an essential oil in a sensitive part of your body (eyes!). You do not want to use water as water and oil don’t really mix. Simply rubbing a carrier oil around the area will help relieve the discomfort.

Essential oils are distilled from the leaves, bark, roots and other parts of a plant. Essential oils are very concentrated and are volatile, meaning they evaporate quickly.

Difference between Essential Oil and Carrier Oil

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