How to Use Ayurvedic Essential Oils For Calm, Clarity, & Energy

How to Use Ayurvedic Essential Oils For Calm, Clarity, & Energy

Aromatherapy is an effective natural remedy to calm or energize your mind without the side effects of chemical relaxants and stimulants. If you know which essential oils to use, you can enhance clarity, get more focus and energy, or enter easily into a state of deep relaxation.

In this video, Floracopeia’s Jai Dev Singh acts as an essential oil guide to show you which oils will give you your desired effect. Learn how to use Jatamansi essential oil, Clary Sage essential oil, Cedar essential oil, Tulsi essential oil, and many others. Singh explains how to use essential oils in Ayurveda, and which essential oils work best for the different doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

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