How to treat Pilonidal Cyst — ( Successful Home Treatment )

How to treat Pilonidal Cyst — ( Successful Home Treatment )

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(UPDATE) – Eating 1 clove of RAW garlic with a meal twice a day can significantly help!

Update- If you are able to use a tweezers to pull hair out of any of the openings I found this quite helpful in the healing process. – be very cautious.

Update- if you have had re-occurrences with surgery there seems to be a very high success rate with LASER hair removal. Also known as laser epilation.

Caster oil and edgar cayce link further below.

h2o2 is a touchy subject but further below is a link to a study done.

~Castor oil needs to be used on a heated pack for the best results~


I forgot to mention in the video when I stopped using the Ointment. I used the Pascalite during the day, for most days.

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“Pilonidal disease is a well-known problem especially among young and middle-aged male population. It is an acquired disease, resulting from the mechanical forces that lead to the insertion of the hair shaft falling from the back of the patient and inserted into the skin of usually the upper part of the natal cleft. Pilonidal disease is a chronic inflammatory condition that mostly affects the post anal region. It can be asymptomatic, but usually presents as a cyst, an abscess or a sinus. The hair may sometimes be seen projecting from the sinus orifice.1 It is dead hair. The disease was first discovered during the World War II among soldiers and described as “Jeep disease.” It usually affects males more than females in their third decade of life by three- to fourfold, and rarely encountered after age 45.” “5–8 We started our study of the efficacy of H202 3% in the management of PNS on two groups of our patients (B, D) and found that injection of H202 3% into the sinus tract two minutes before the injection of the methylene blue gave better results regarding the recurrence rate and healing time in the closed as well as in the open methods. This is because H202 causes an opening and, at the same time, lining of the tracts leading to precise delineation and prevents extra ordinary diffusion of methylene blue into normal tissue greatly minimizing the removal of unnecessary surrounding normal tissues and enhancing rapid healing and less rate of recurrence.”

Edgar Cayce and Caster Oil

(ctrl + f) caster oil

“The next morning the results were dramatic. The swelling had completely subsided and the healing had occurred at an incredible rate. By the third day healing was complete… The remarkable thing other than the healing was the absence of pain after an hour following the application of the pack.” (Georgia Van Wormer)

“Castor oil packs certainly have proved their worth and versatility.”
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