How To Treat Chronic Tension Headaches At Home – Tension Headaches Treatment At Home Naturally

How To Treat Chronic Tension Headaches At Home – Tension Headaches Treatment At Home Naturally

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Headaches are one of the most common health problems that affect most people at one time or another.

Headaches can be classified into three main categories: tension headaches, migraine headaches, and cluster headaches.

1. Ginger
Ginger can help reduce inflammation of the blood vessels in the head, thus providing relief from a headache.

-Mix equal parts of ginger juice and lemon juice. Consume it once or twice.

-Another option is to apply a paste of one teaspoon of dry ginger powder, also called sonth and two tablespoons of water on the forehead for a few minutes.

-You can also boil ginger powder or raw ginger in water, and inhale the vapor.

-Chew one or two pieces of crystallized ginger candy.

2. Mint Juice
Menthol and menthone are the primary components of mint which are very effective in alleviating headaches.

-Extract mint juice from a handful of mint leaves and apply it on forehead and temples to treat a headache.

-You can also apply the mint juice on forehead and temples to treat a headache. Along with mint juice, coriander juice is also effective in treating headaches.

3. Peppermint Oil

-Peppermint contains menthol that helps open up a clogged vessel that causes headaches. it also has calming and soothing effects.

-Mix three drops of peppermint essential oil in one tablespoon of almond oil, olive oil or just water. Massage your forehead and temples with it. Or, you can put crushed fresh peppermint leaves on your forehead.

Alternatively, you can prepare a steam treatment by adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil to a small pot of boiling water. Inhale the steam for a few minutes.


Basil works as a muscle relaxant, making it a helpful treatment for mild headaches caused by tension muscles. Plus, it has calming and analgesic effects.

-Put three or four basil leaves in a cup of boiling water, let it simmer for a few minutes. Optionally, add a little honey and then sip the tea slowly.

-You can also boil one tablespoon of basil leaves or a few drops of basil oil to a pot of boiling water and carefully lean over the pot to take in the steam.

-Alternatively, chew some fresh basil leaves or massage your forehead with basil oil mixed with a base oil.

5. Lavender Oil

Simply smelling the soothing scent of lavender essential oil can be of great help in relieving tension headaches. Research suggests that it can also help import migraine symptoms.

-Put some lavender oil in a bowl of hot water and inhale its vapor for a few minutes. Repeat this popular headache treatment several times a day.

You can also safely apply this herbal oil externally to your forehead. Do not take lavender oil orally.

-Another option is to mix two or three drops of lavender essential oil in one tablespoon of carrier oil such as almond oil or olive oil and massage your forehead with it.

6. Ice Pack
The cold from ice helps reduce inflammation that contributes to headaches. Plus, it has numbing effects on the pain.

-Applying an ice pack to the back of your neck can give you relief from a migraine headache.

-You can also place a washcloth dipped in ice-cold water over your head for five minutes. Repeat the process several times.

-Alternatively, you can use a bag of frozen vegetables as a cold compress. Within half an hour you will feel some relief.

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