How to Soothe a Headache With Plants

How to Soothe a Headache With Plants

A headache is never very pleasant. For those people that do not wish to take medicine, here are some plants that can soothe a headache. The first thing to do when you have a headache is to try to relax, and to find a calm place, away from light. Breathe slowly and if possible, lay down. You can massage your neck and shoulders to relax. Following these suggestions can only improve the treatment.

In stores you’ll find teas and infusions of plants such as marjoram, lemon verbena and jasmine, which could all be effective against a headache.

Thyme and Rosemary
To calm a headache you can also prepare your own infusion based on thyme or rosemary. All you need to do is pour boiling water over a tablespoon of thyme or rosemary and allow to infuse for 10 minutes before straining.

Ginger is traditionally used in Asia to cure headaches and nausea. Grate the equivalent of a tablespoon of fresh ginger into a cup. Add boiling water and allow to infuse a few minutes. Strain and drink. Fresh ginger is the most efficient but you could also use powdered ginger or a ginger infusion or tea.

You can also grind a few cloves and put them into a cup of strong black tea. The caffeine in the tea helps to reduce the pressure of the blood vessels and cloves have an anti-inflammatory quality.

Mint also helps to sooth a headache. All you do is boil a few fresh mint leaves and breathe in the vapors. If you do not have fresh mint, you can also use a mint infusion or tea and breathe in the steam.

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