How to Reduce Fibroids Naturally for Fibrocystic Breast Disease: Natural Breast Health Series Part 1

How to Reduce Fibroids Naturally for Fibrocystic Breast Disease: Natural Breast Health Series Part 1

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Every month should be breast cancer awareness month. This video will talk about ways that you can enhance your breast health minimizing fibrocystic breast disease, reduce cysts and fibroids in the breasts and reduce your cancer risk factors.

As a Lymphatic Drainage Therapist my certification and training and core clinical work has been focused on promoting the health of my patients breasts particularly those suffering from lymphedema, cancer treatments as well as fibrocystic breasts disease.

The detox process for our breast tissue is through our lymphatic system. Therefore, lymphatic drainage massage manually is very important to promote the detoxification process of the lymph and breast.

3 Ways You Can Detoxify Your Breast:
1. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
2. Castor Oil Pack Therapy
3. Ginger Tea

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