How to make your own Lampe Berger oil / fuel! (and general fragrance lamp tips and tricks)

How to make your own Lampe Berger oil / fuel! (and general fragrance lamp tips and tricks)


I’m sure someone will comment that I am reducing the life of my stones by letting them run for hours… and so be it. I’d rather have a light scent that’s barely there for many hours versus a perfume bomb for 20 minutes. With the money saved, I can afford to use the lamp the way I want. The wicks are on eBay for about 5 bucks. If you want it stronger, just add more essential oils or fragrance.

Also remember some essential oils smack you in the face, while some are much more subtle. Experiment with small batches, and when you hit on something you like, double it up and tweak it. If it’s a big winner, write down the recipe. If it’s just meh, start anew. With a decent selection of oils, there are probably billions of possibilities.

I once measured different volumes of alcohol into the lamp and marked the line with a sharpie while I was getting the hang of things. I have since rubbed them off with, you guessed it, 91% alcohol. Once you know where your lines are, generally, you can eyeball it. This isn’t exactly rocket science.

I mention alternatives to real essential plant oils, but they stink, literally. Spend a few buck on the good stuff, 100% plant oils. Even the brand name stuff uses synthetic fragrance oil and artificial perfumes. You are making something better than the products available.

Between the cut, I added more essential oil. I didn’t mean to fill it that high. My final recipe for what I’m smelling now as I write this is as follows: Texas Cedarwood-16, Cinnamon Leaf-3, Bergamot-12

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