How to make soap easily with rose petals using a melt and pour base

How to make soap easily with rose petals using a melt and pour base

A simple, fast way to make soap using a shea butter soap base and adding dry rose petals.

Get your dry rose petals here:



Dry Rose Petals
Rose Essential Oil
~ 2 cups of Shea Butter Soap Base
Silicone Mold or Choice

1. Sprinkle some of the Dry Rose Petals into the Silicone Mold
2. Roughly chop Shea Butter Soap Base, and put in microwave safe glass container
3. Melt in microwave at 20 second intervals until melted and add a half a teaspoon of Rose Essential Oils
4. Mix well and then pour into the Silicone Mold
5. Sprinkle some more Dry Rose Petals on top
6. (Optional) Spritz the top of the soaps with alcohol to avoid air bubbles forming an imperfect surface
7. Allow to cure overnight and remove from mold.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Today I’m gonna show you how to make a very easy homemade soap.

All you need is some dry flowers of your choice, essential oil and shea butter soap base. And then you also have to pick a mold of your choice.

So you want to chop the shea butter soap base into small cubes, so it’s very easy to melt.

For this homemade soap, I picked these two molds, and I’ve put dry flowers in before pouring in the soap base.

The first step is to melt this shea butter soap base. I will put it in the microwave and melt it at 20 second intervals until it is completely melted.

You want to go pretty quickly, adding essential oils or fragrance if you’d like to, or you can have it unscented. So I’m adding half a teaspoon of the rose essential oils. Stir it in really well. And it’s ready to pour.

And now we’re going to pour them into the soap molds, and I’m going to put a little bit more flowers on top.

In order to avoid little air bubbles from forming on the top of the soap, I’m going to spritz a little bit of alcohol.

Look at this amazingly beautiful soap! Homemade with real rose petals, it’s just beautiful!