How to Make Easy Aromatherapy Oils a DIY

How to Make Easy Aromatherapy Oils a DIY

Homemade: Easy Aromatherapy You Can Make at Home

A great way to make your herbal bounty last, is to create essential oils out of it. Believe it or not, this can actually be done in your trusty Crock Pot. Take your fragrant sprigs, add some citrus peel and give the gift of aromatherapy.

Herb sprigs (rosemary, thyme, marjoram – whatever you like)
Almond Oil
Oranges or lemons

Materials and Tools:
Jars with tight fitting lids
Vegetable peeler
Crock Pot
Letter sealing wax
Glass bottles

1. Pick your herbs and peel the outer layer of your citrus fruit, being mindful of only getting the colorful part and leaving the white pith on the fruit.

2. Tightly pack your jars with the herbs and citrus of your choosing. You can make combinations or keep it simple.

3. Pour the oil into the jar of herbs until it covers them and then seal the jar tightly.

4. Place the jars in a single layer in your Crock Pot, cover them with water, cover the pot and place the temperature on low. Allow the jars to sit for 8 hours.

5. Pull the jars out and let them cool completely. Then strain them into a container with a pouring spout.

6. Pour the oils into pretty glass bottles, cork them and dip the tops in melted letter sealing wax. (Just place it in the bowl of a double boiler, and it will melt beautifully)

“Fresh cut herbs are one of my favorite things.
I love the color, the smell the textures.
They are not snotty plants ….you do not need to be an expert gardener or have a bright green thumb….or have acres of land .
Nope, these hard working, easy to get along with plants, are a great way to begin gardening right in your own backyard.
And the thing is, this plant’s harvest can be used in so many different ways. One of my favorite things to do with them, is to create homemade essential oils.
Gather a crock-pot, almond oil, mason jars, oranges, lemons and rosemary.
Trim your rosemary.
Peel your oranges and your lemons.
Place them in your mason jars.
Fill with almond oil and seal tightly.
Next place the jars in a crock pot and cover the jars with water.
Cook on low for 8 hours.
After they have cooled, to make them lovely, choose a decorative bottle and gingerly pour the oil into the bottle being careful to not let any of the herbs or citrus fall in.
Place on the lid.
Then to give it a really decorative look, melt sealing wax in a double boiler. When the wax has melted dip the tops of the bottles into the wax several times, twisting and turning until you have created the perfect finishing touch.

These essential oils can then be enjoyed in your cooking, your baths for your candle crafts, and I think they make a perfect homemade gift.”

“Life is Better Homemade”

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