How to Make an Anxiety Self-Care Kit for Teens, Kids and College Students

How to Make an Anxiety Self-Care Kit for Teens, Kids and College Students

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In this video, we give you some low-cost ideas about what you can put in a self-care anxiety kit that you can bring with you to school. We also talk about what to do if your school is restrictive or you have a teacher who might complain about your using the items.

Please don’t use these ideas instead of seeing a doctor for your anxiety; they should be used in addition to seeing a doctor.

Building a Crisis Kit:
How to Calm Yourself During an Anxiety Attack:

Glitter jar info

Glitter jars: How to make your own calm down jar or bottle

Exercises to do with a glitter jar (way down on the page):

Aromatherapy recipes:

My recipe for linen spray, which is calming, is:

Sweet Dreams Mix

7 parts lavender essential oil
1 part chamomile essential oil
2 parts lemon essential oil

More ideas:

Putty recipes:

PDFs to print out for your kit:

3 Minute breathing meditation:
54321 grounding technique:

Little Book of Mindfulness (Amazon Affiliate link):

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