How to get rid your Polyps and Sinuses the natural method

How to get rid your Polyps and Sinuses the natural method

Nasal polyps are associated with inflammation of the lining of your nasal passages and sinuses that lasts more than 12 weeks

Nasal polyps themselves are soft and lack sensation, so if they’re small you may not be aware you have them.

Multiple growths or a large polyp may block your nasal passages and sinuses.

Common signs and symptoms of chronic sinusitis with nasal polyps include:
* A runny nose
* Persistent stuffiness
* Postnasal drip
* Decreased or absent sense of smell
* Loss of sense of taste
* Facial pain or headache
* Pain in your upper teeth
* A sense of pressure over your forehead and face
* Snoring


It’s is important that you do not attempt to put any water into the nostrils to try to clear the mucous.

Water contains bacteria that can cause more harm than good if your sinus are infected.

The nostrils, ear drum, lungs and even the brain are all connected, so the last thing you want, is for any water to find their way into these areas causing an infection.

One last thing, please do not swallow your mucous as it’s full of bacteria, so always have a tissue ready to spit it out.

When you finish the program, you might feel a bit dizzy, as your nostrils are starting to clear, more air will enter into your nose.

Sit down and relax, have a hot drink.
It’s will take a few minutes for you to feel the result.

This program is design to help you to get rid of your Polyps so that you can start to breathe normally.

Do this 2 times a day for 5 days and you should start to feel better.

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