How to get rid of squirrels | ULTIMATE Repellent for Getting Rid of Squirrels | How to Repel Pests

How to get rid of squirrels | ULTIMATE Repellent for Getting Rid of Squirrels | How to Repel Pests

Squirrel Repellent: Do you need some amazing tips on how to get rid of squirrels? If so, you have come to the right place. I wasted a lot of time and money searching for a way to solve my squirrel problems. Wild animals are unpredictable! I dealt with a terrible infestation on my roof when these critters made a nest under my solar panels. They chewed up a bunch of the wiring causing a fire hazard and a ton of financial damage. I quickly learned that getting rid of squirrels is not easy. After spending over 1,000 dollars repairing the damage, I needed a safe and effective repellent to eliminate these pests for good.

It was very important that I found a way to repel them permanently once I repaired all the damage they caused on my roof. I considered using an exterminator (Critter Ridder or Orkin). However, I learned that all they can do is trap the squirrels and relocate them to a new area. My concern was that once these animals moved out, what would stop new ones from filling the void? I opted for a better repellent that would deter them from entering my backyard altogether. Need more info on these critters? Try

I spent some time browsing through gardening forums on the internet. I attempted a few different homemade repellents that I read about. Some of the things that were suggested include mothballs and a cayenne pepper paste recipe. Unfortunately, none of them were effective in deterring these rodents. Shortly after these experiments, I found the best solution. I was watching television and I saw a demo on ABC News of an ultrasonic squirrel repellent. The reviews were excellent so I decided to give it a try. My backyard was completely free of squirrels within a few minutes. Check out this short video clip to find out how to get this pest control device.

Here is a little bit of background information on our clever opponents. Squirrels are sometimes known by their scientific name of “Sciuridae”. They are notorious for causing problems in yards and gardens. Some of their favorite meals include seedlings, fruits and veggies. They are also always on the lookout for good shelter. So they will quickly find any weaknesses in your roof or siding. Once squirrels gain access to your attic, they will chew on electrical wires creating health and fire hazards. Once they are inside, your extermination options are limited. Most of the squirrel repellents in your local hardware store will not work. If you want the ultimate solution to eliminate your problem, watch this short video clip on how to get rid of squirrels. The is the best advice you can get.

After you have your squirrel repellent, here are some additional pest control tips. One key to getting rid of squirrels is to eliminate all possible sources of water, food and shelter. If this is done in conjunction with the advice from the video, they will be expelled permanently. Make sure all of your garbage cans are equipped with tight lids. Cut any tree branches back that are within 7 ft. from you house or roof. These acrobatic rodents can leap up to 7 feet horizontally. If you thing that is impressive then you should know that they can also glide down from distances up to 22 feet! Finally, get rid of all standing water (including the water in your birdbath). These are basic but very effective wildlife control tips.

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Ridding your property of squirrels has countless benefits. This ultrasonic repellent is the best and safest way to drive away these pests. It is 100% safe for humans and the environment. Just place it in your backyard or garden and sleep better at night knowing you have finally won the battle. It will work 24/7 to drive them away from your house, attic, garden and backyard. I hope you found this advice to be helpful and thanks again for checking out my information on how to get rid of squirrels. Cheers!

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