How To Get A Straight And Sharper Nose in 3 Months Naturally – No More Flat And Wide Nose!

How To Get A Straight And Sharper Nose in 3 Months Naturally – No More Flat And Wide Nose!

Flat and sunken noses do not look nice. She did this daily and unknowingly she found herself having a high bridge nose! Without going through rhinoplasty (plastic surgery on nose) one can also have a high bridge nose, how amazing! Reshape and sharpen your nose naturally without having surgery or injecting filler. Say goodbye to your flat and wide nose forever! It is easy to reshape your nose and get a smaller nose.

A high bridge nose can make a person’s facial features appear more exquisite. A truly beautiful woman must have a high bridge nose.

Easterners generally have flat and sunken noses and it is not exaggerating to say that 90 of our country people do not have nose bridges.

To make one’s nose bridge higher doesn’t actually require rhinoplasty (plastic surgery on nose). Using certain massaging techniques one can slightly alter the shape of the nose cartilage, thereby making the nose bridge appear higher and more prominent.

A friend shared her natural “nose bridge enhancement” process on the net. Let’s see the experience she shared.

Two years ago, my nose was flat and sunken, my face was round without a chin and my mouth appeared “overbite”. All these did not satisfy me and people called me “Doraemon”.

If I show you my old “piggy face” photo and compare it with how I look now you would surely be astonished to note the great difference.

Now when my old high school classmates see me they all express utter amazement at the great changes that occurred to me.

My mother once questioned me whether I had secretly gone for rhinoplasty. When I denied, she rubbed her fingers on my nose bridge continuously and commented that I had grown up to become a pretty woman.

Now let’s see how I did this. Photo comparison before and after.

1. Using the middle fingers of both hands to press, starting from the little depressions, below the
head of the eyebrows to the upper parts of the nose wings, following the nasal bone (not following the nose contour line but press hard on the nasal bone itself), moving up and down. No need to press too hard but moderately will do – massage for 1 minute.

2. Close both hands (resembling praying posture with both hands wrapping the nose), pressing the thumbs against the sides of the nose, slowly bending them and use the thumbs to grasp the upper part of the nose in particular the nose bridge and attempt to pull it outward. The focus of pulling is the cartilage portion. Apply a little more than moderate force with slow motion but with focus. Massage for 2 minutes.

3. Continue to use the massaging styles explained in 2, but only shift the position slightly downward. The focus now is on the nose bridge. Using the power of the thumbs to clasp the nose bridge and to attempt to pull it outward. Do this more vigorously this time. Massage for 2 minutes. (Generally after completing this step the nose bridge turns red.)

4. Lastly, without changing the position, speedily massage up and down along the nose contour in straight line motion. Massage for 30 seconds and it is finished.

Things to remember:
The most important point to bear in mind for any type of massaging is to follow the recommended timing.

At the beginning it must be done daily and persistently for about 1 month to allow the nose cartilage to slowly “wake up” to respond to nose reshaping. (I used to massage my nose too hard until it bruised, but after that I learned to massage more gently during the day and more forcefully during the night. The following morning it recovered.)

Eventually I changed the massage timing to 4 days and rest for 3 days. I found this more effective since the adaptation of human body need a time interval.

When the nose bridge gets a bit higher I changed the duration to 1 day massage and 1 day rest, and eventually half a month massage and half a month rest. At this time the nose cartilage and the surrounding muscle tissues have become more sensitive and can respond more readily to massaging. Even occasional massage can stimulate them. Lets watch this video and learn how to make your nose smaller naturally. Sharpen and reshape your nose using this easy method! Make your nose thinner naturally! No need to go for nose job or fillers or even rhinoplasty! there are surgery fails like michael jackson nose case.

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