How To Fix Stiff Neck In One Minute

How To Fix Stiff Neck In One Minute

A small change in posture; a slight improper turn; an ‘incorrect’ twist; over exertion; stressed neck; holding the neck in the same position for a long period. These are some of the occasions that may leave you with a stiff neck.

When a stiff neck strikes, the pain extends down to the shoulders and the spine, causing immense discomfort. Sitting, walking or even lying down becomes troublesome. It may even be difficult to lift your arm in such conditions.

A stiff neck is something all of us must have experienced. It may happen again in future. To ease the situation in future it would be helpful to know how to get rid of stiff neck pains. There are simple home remedies that can be very helpful. Be it you, a friend or a relative, these methods can be applied to anyone. These quick remedies for neck pain will provide quick relief.

1. Massage:
Locate the area where the pain is centralized and start massaging slowly. Move your hand in slow motions. Try to figure out the direction of the massage that gives maximum relief and continue massaging in that direction. Applying an essential oil like peppermint will help relieve inflammation. Massaging also increases the flow of blood in the area and provides relief.

2. Hot pack:
Quick remedies for neck pain include fomentation treatments. Hot fomentation can provide relief in stressed conditions. You could use a hot water bag, a heating pad or place a heated neck pillow to give yourself a hot treatment. The pain will not vanish all of a sudden but will reduce to a great extent. Two to three times a day will provide great relief.

3. Ice pack:
Just like hot packs, ice packs too feature in ‘how to get rid of stiff neck’ solutions. If you notice any kind of swelling, even a small degree, remember that you need a cold fomentation. Do not apply hot pack to an inflamed condition.

4. Stretching:
At times the stiffness is because of straining the neck in one posture for a long time. Even a small movement of the neck appears to be impossible in such times. However, you must remember that to get relief from such a condition it is important to make the neck move. It may be painful but the pain will be worth it.

5. Lie correct:
Lying down in the correct position can also contribute to quick remedies for neck pain. If you find your neck strained and stiff, try to rest for some time. Lie down in a comfortable position for some time. Applying an essential oil or balm may speed up the process.

6. Hot shower:
This will not only relieve your neck stiffness but will also drive stress out of your body. With hot water constantly falling on your neck it serves as a hot fomentation treatment soon giving relief to your stiff neck.

7. Epsom salt soak:
Epsom salt or bath salt is chemically known as magnesium sulphate. Magnesium sulphate improves circulation, soothes sore muscles and provides relief from stress and tension. All these qualities together help provide relief from stiff neck.

8. Over the counter medicines:
If the condition is very bad and home remedies do not seem to work then go for the over the counter pain killers. As far as possible try to avoid medication but there may be times of emergency or conditions being rather bad when medication becomes the only way out.

Neck stiffness? Fret not. We have seen several methods how to get rid of stiff neck. Next time someone close or close by suffers from a stiff neck you would know what to do.

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