How to Dry Brush with Essential Oils

How to Dry Brush with Essential Oils

Dry bushing is one of the simplest, most beneficial things you can do for your skin, your body, and your mind.

Dry brushing can be done daily for incredible results, including detoxification, reduction in the appearance of cellulite, and a deepening of the mind-body connection.

In this video, Living Libations creator Nadine Artemis guides you through proper dry brushing technique, and reveals her favorite product to make dry brushing even more effective.


Nadine: Dry brushing is something I recommend a lot. And it’s very simple to do, and it’s so beneficial. So I know sometimes, we get sort of bogged down by all the wonderful suggestions of things we can do for our health and beauty, but this seriously is worth the two minutes it takes to do it because the changes are deep. Dry brushing the skin also helps the brain because the skin and the brain are really deeply connected. Our skin is a beautiful organ on the outside of our body, and it is a vast communication tool. It’s the thing that’s between you and the atmosphere, you and the ethers and the interface between you and the systems in your body, the endocrine system, the nervous system. So taking care of the skin deeply takes care of your cells and your body.

Dry brushing really stimulates, in a beautiful way, the lymph system. And it’s so easy to do. I love adding essential oils to my experience because essential oils are awesome for the lymph system. And this is a lymph tonic which contains cypress, eucalyptus, yarrow, rosemary, and you can use that or you can use any of those individual essential oils directly on the skin, undiluted. So you put one drop in the palm of your hand, and then you simply take your dry brush and you glide it along each bristle. And that will get it coated just enough for stimulating your body. The lymph system is right underneath our skin and to stimulate it, it requires the gentlest of touch. It’s like, a deep tissue massage is very deep, and gets the muscle layer, but the lymph is just like butterflies on your skin.

So the main thing with the dry brush is you start it dry. You do it before your bath, shower, before jumping in the lake or before having a sauna. And you start at the toes and then you work your way up, always going upwards towards the heart. So you do every side of your skin. You go up, up, up, up towards the heart. When you get to the neck, you’re going down towards the heart. Part of the back you’re going down towards the heart, but everything else, you’re going up, up, up. And that’s it. Try and do that every day for just two minutes before you get into the shower or the bath. Brushing the body, it’s just like taking care of the teeth. Brushing our teeth, brushing our body, so simple and very good for longevity and beauty.


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