How to Dissolve Mucous and Mucoid Plaque Naturally ?

How to Dissolve Mucous and Mucoid Plaque Naturally ?

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Binders are essential for every range of health in my opinion. From the deathly ill all the way to the moderately healthy person trying to become superhuman. Binders are highly negatively charged substances that go into your intestines and act as a “magical vacuum” sucking up all the positively charged pollutants. (heavy metals, pesticides, plastics etc.) This is a process and does not happen by taking binders once, but rather over the course of several months or even longer. Binders help to reduce inflammation in the gut caused by free floating toxins, improve herxheimer reactions, and also helps to remove mucoid plaque from the body.

To give you the long and short of it: mucoid plaque is created after years and years of incorrect food combining, toxins, stress, and mucous forming foods. The next time you clean your sink pipes, take a look at what is inside those pipes, then you can get an idea of what happens to our intestines after decades of eating Pop-Tarts. Anyway, this mucoid plaque stores deep seated emotions and traumatic memories, and when you rid this from your body, you also release those emotions. So while removing this plaque (slowly over time) is an essential piece of the health puzzle, rebuilding the body’s nutrient supply and removing the deeply stored metals, toxins and parasites from our other organs is just as important and this is what the new-age hippy vegan juice movement is failing to address. Also, many people attempt to rid of their plaque on a 14 or 28 day juice cleanse, and I find this is much too harsh for 80% of the people out there. It requires fasting which depletes our mineral reserves and can exacerbate some mental conditions caused by toxicity. We got in this mess over the course of many decades, it’s going to take some time to reverse it. Marathon, not a sprint. .

Anyway, my favorite thing to do is make a binder cocktail that includes 8-9 different binders, psyllium husk powder, and 8-10 oz of water. Drinking this first thing in the morning (4-6 mornings a week) has drastically changed the level of my health and in my opinion is absolutely essential for a complete detox protocol.

Some binders to get started with:

BioPure ZeoBind –
Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal –
Takesumi –
BioPure Microsilica –
Modified Citrus Pectin –
Organic Psyllium Husk Powder –

Mix the RDD (sometimes I go 2x for each) for all binders in a glass mason jar with 8-10oz of spring or distilled water. Shake vigorously and drink first thing in the AM. Do not eat a meal or take supplements within 60-75 minutes after taking the cocktail, as it will be wasted and sucked into the vacuum of doom. If you are on a budget, just try using bentonite clay, coconut charcoal, and psyllium husk. But in my opinion, this is a place to stretch your budget.

The Binder Dilemma – Many binders attach to some nutrients (vitamin C) as well as the bad stuff. So a proper diet and nutrient replenishing system needs to be in place or else excessive use of binders can cause malnourishment in the long haul. I have been safely using binders for 16 months without any problems. Also, binders and psyllium husk cause constipation, so you absolutely must get your bowels moving during this process – or else everything is for null.

Bowel Cleansing

My favorite methods for bowel cleansing are as follows:

Magnesium Oil – 50-75 sprays orally (mixed with water because tastes like shit) –
Oxy Powder –
Gaia Herbal Laxative Pills –
Triphala –
Suppositories with Vitamin B1 + NAC (Not good if you have high levels of anxiety or are very ill)
Salt-Water Flush – Amazing for remineralizing the body and cleansing the small intestine. –
Colonics – If you really want to take your health to the next level, I strongly recommend investing in your own colema board. A colema board is a $300 investment which allows you to do colonics for near-free for the rest of your life. A typical colonic appointment costs $90 and uses a closed-system that forcefully inserts water into your rectum. This open-gravity system uses the force of gravity to smoothly and sustainably insert water into your bum. Watch this video to learn how to do one.
Coffee Enemas – 2x per week max

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