How to Dilute Essential Oils the Right Way

How to Dilute Essential Oils the Right Way

Trust me, friends don’t let friends use essential oils directly on their skin undiluted (“neat”). It’s simply not needed, nor is it safe.

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Essential oils are so concentrated that you need to dilute them in order to use them effectively. You do this by mixing a few drops of the essential oil with what’s known as a carrier oil.

If you put on essential oils neat a few things may happen:

• Skin Irritation – Your skin may be sensitive to the concentrated oil, detracting your body from the healing benefits that you are seeking to create.

• Permanent Damage – Worse yet, you may become sensitized to that particular oil if you don’t dilute with a carrier.

• Waste Money – Being volatile, essential oils will quickly evaporate off the surface of your skin, whereas the fats in the carrier can help prevent this and ensure that it will penetrate into your pores.

• Hurt the Planet – As essential oil demand skyrockets, we will most certainly see a growing list of endangered and extinct plants unless we change our ways. By diluting in a carrier, you’re using less essential oil while getting the same therapeutic effect without the safety risks.

Not to mention, you’re doing your part to help make sure our babies and grandbabies can enjoy these wonderful gifts from nature that we all too often take for granted. It’s a win-win-win!

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