How To Cure Scalp Psoriasis Naturally – 3 Years After Shaving My Head

How To Cure Scalp Psoriasis Naturally – 3 Years After Shaving My Head

Open me! *ALL INSTRUCTIONS & AMAZON LINKS DOWN BELOW!*. This is how to Cure sebo-psoriasis (psoriasis mixed with seborrheic dermatitis / dandruff – WARNING: if you ONLY have seborrheic dermatitis do everything EXCEPT the oil treatment! – Putting oil on an already oily diagnosis only will make it worse in my opinion).

Dr Bronner’s Baby Mild Unscented:

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Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar with the “Mother”:

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Nutiva Organic Raw Hemp Seed Oil:

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Spout bottle for Apple Cider Vinegar:
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Shower caps:

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OPTIONAL: color applicator bottle for applying oil to scalp: (To heat oil, place oil in the bottle, then place this bottle in a glass measuring cup, which is then placed in a pot w/ boiling water in it to heat oil)

Applicator bottle (pack of 3) : $6.29 :


Cetaphil soap bar for gentle skin:
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Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser for Face (for all skin types):
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Merry Hempster’s Hemp Lip Balm Vanilla:
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Everything can be found on Amazon or in local health food stores. The brand doesn’t matter but the products NEED to be organic, unrefined, raw, unfiltered. AND UNSCENTED! Scented dr B’s irritated my scalp!

The ACV NEEDS to have a 5% acidity level. There is no alternatives to Dr. Bronners unscented. Sorry.
How to cure your scalp psoriasis:


Q: HOW OFTEN? A: Do the oil treatments once every other night for the 1st couple weeks, after a month only do them once a week, and do them less and less as you feel you need them. Just don’t do them every single night because your scalp needs to breath and too many oil treatments can lead to an infection.

1.) Hemp seed oil over night treatments: Warm up the oil (unrefined, raw, organic) on the stove and make sure it doesn’t get too hot because that kills the nutrients.

how to warm the oil (the way my derm taught me):

2.) Get your hair wet/damp and apply the oil on the entire surface area of your scalp. If you have long hair you will need to part your hair section by section (cm by cm) and dip your fingers into the oil and onto your scalp and dab in the oil all down the parts of your hair. After your done, massage the scalp well and cover with a shower cap.

2.) In the morning, (NEW TIP 2018!) : saturate the Dr bronners to your “DRY” scalp&hair BEFORE the water touches your scalp! This cuts the time it takes to wash out in half! Also, Wash your hair UPSIDE-DOWN; this will make the oil come out a lot quicker. The moment you think your hair is clean is the moment you need 1 more lather/rinse!

3.) After you think you got all the oil out, apply Apple cider vinegar (ACV) (raw, organic, unfiltered, 5%) to your scalp and HAIR too. ACV will take out all of the tangles and make your hair very soft. It will treat the “seborrheic dermatitis” of the scalp and prevent itch from coming back.

**i do not dilute the ACV – I use it full strength (it must be 5% and diluting changes that percentage!)


1.) Wash your hair with dr bronners pure castile oil shampoo unscented. Tip: focus washing out one side at a time; start washing out the bubbles on the right, then the top portion, then the left side, then the middle.

2.) Take the squeeze bottle with the ACV in it, and apply to the scalp and hair; use it as a normal conditioner. Then rinse it out. it’s treating the scalp and the hair.

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