How to Burn Loose Incense Blends with Charcoal

How to Burn Loose Incense Blends with Charcoal

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This video shows you how to burn loose incense with charcoal.

The loose incense I’m burning here is actually a blend I made in another video. It’s made with Frankincense resin, rosemary powder, and Pinion Pine essential oil. You can find the recipe here:

I’m using an incense burner that I got in Morocco. There are an endless variety of beautiful burners you can use, though. Just be sure the one you’re using is designed for burning loose incense, with a heat-safe surface. There are even “hanging” burners that you can carry around, swinging them gently to send the aroma all around the space. (2:54)

I like to use bamboo charcoal to burn loose incense. It’s a natural charcoal, not made with lighter fluid or toxins, so I’m not concerned about the smoke it creates. You can see what the bamboo charcoal looks like at 0:54.

To light a tab of bamboo charcoal (1:25), hold it with a small pair of tongs. Then use a lighter and hold the flame to the end of the charcoal for a while. It can take a little time for natural bamboo charcoal to light, since there is no lighter fluid, but it’s worth it!

I know the charcoal is lit when I see a glowing red rim around the edges of it. (2:00)

Then I place the charcoal tab in my burner and sprinkle a bit of loose incense over it. Some of the incense will tumble off of the charcoal. As long as it’s in contact with the charcoal, it will burn.

It’s so simple to burn loose incense, and so simple to make it! Once you know how, you can experiment with a wide variety of ingredients and come up with your own unique blends. It’s fun!

If you do make your own loose incense and burn it, I’d love to know how it goes! What are your favorite ingredients to use?

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