How To Build Young Living Online WITHOUT Chasing Friends And Family

How To Build Young Living Online WITHOUT Chasing Friends And Family

– How To Build Young Living Online WITHOUT Chasing Friends And Family

Young Living Business Building
0:01 Hi there I’m Tracey Rose and I’m coming to you from my home office in Sydney, Australia.

And in this video i want share with you how you can build your Young Living business online.

0:11 Now I guess you’re watching this video because you are either in Young Living or you’re looking to join Young Living and you know first of all I just want to congratulate you – I loooove Young Living as a customer – I regularly use their products – I’m not promoting it as a business right no, but I do really love their products and it has a really good reputation in the industry, so congratulations for choosing such a great company.

How To Build Young Living Online WITHOUT Chasing Friends And Family – Young Living Business Building

0:35 Now I guess you’re here also because you’re trying to work out how you’re going to use the leverage of the online world – the internet – the mobile world that everyone is using right now to build your Young Living business. Because – you know perhaps you have started telling friends and family and people that you know about your Young Living Oils and the business side of things and all that sort of stuff and perhaps you’ve run out of people to talk to and now you’re working out – how am I going to keep this lead flow going. How am I going to work out how to get people to talk to. How and I going to find prospects everyday to be able to make this business worthwhile.

Now some people start doing things like buying lead lists or they buy leads from lead vendors and I have done this in the past.

And I think it’s a really good exercise in learning how to deal with rejection.

1:32 And how to talk to people and things like that. Most people I know have not had success in lead lists unless you are like the most super-sales person in the world – most people when you call these leads will hang up on you … they’ll be rude to you, perhaps that number has been disconnected. Perhaps that person has already been approached by 10 other people or 10 other companies already so far, so to be honest it’s probably something I would never recommend my team doing.

What I do recommend my team doing is learning how to market online and I want to show you a quick video in exactly how you can do that and how you can set yourself up to find pre-qualified people.

2:14 Now what do I mean by pre-qualified. Well, you know when you approach friends and family and people that have never really heard of or been involved in network marketing before, sometimes you kind of have to convince them that network marketing as a whole is not a scam or a pyramid scheme.

It’s not one of those things their going to get ripped of on – but it’s often hard to explain that to people without them having this huge skepticism.

So, what you really want to find is people who already love network marketing, people who are already sold on the idea of network marketing.

2:46 Now if you can find these people, it’s really interesting because a lot of them are either looking for a team to join, are looking for some marketing help or are looking for a new company because perhaps their company went bust or they don’t like their company or something happened and they’re looking for someone else to join. Now if you know how to tap into this lead source, you literally have unlimited amount of people to talk to about your business everyday. This lead source never runs out. If you know how to do it properly, it’s very very powerful.

So, to find out how this works – I want you to watch the video – there’s a link around this video – it’s either below or to one of the sides or above this video. Click on that link – go and watch a 12 minute presentation on exactly how to find pre-qualified people for your network marketing business.

– How To Build Young Living Online WITHOUT Chasing Friends And Family

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