How To Achieve The doTERRA Premier Rank

How To Achieve The doTERRA Premier Rank


Did You Know?
The Premier rank within doTERRA is a great accomplishment and is the building block for the Gold and Blue Diamond rank and once you hit this rank, it’s all about helping others on your team do the same when they are ready for more financial and health freedom.

How To Achieve The doTERRA Premier Rank
1.) A Elite becomes a Premier when they purchase at least 100 PV and have an OV of 5000+ with two legs of 2000+ OV each. OV stands for organizational volume and PV stands for personal volume.

2.) Become a product of the product: This means becoming a super user where you use enough of doTERRA’s products so that you develop your own testimony of how the oils have helped you. This makes it a lot easier to share oils with others in the future when you hear about what they are going through. It’s hard to give something that you don’t have, and that goes for your experiences and the oils.

3.) Teach or host classes: It’s best to work with your enroller or mentor to make sure you have all the tools and confidence to host a class until you feel comfortable enough to start teaching more on your own during 1 on 1’s or in a group setting. This can take time, but the hungrier you are to learn, the faster your personal development will go.

Top 3 Core Principles To Keep In Mind
1.) Teach and share: doTERRA is a product education based company so focusing on understanding what people’s needs are and how you can help them with natural solutions is going to be key.

2.) Work with the people that move towards you: This means working with people that are open to learning about natural solutions and open to using essential oils in their life. The better you understand their health priorities, the better you can serve them with a natural solution.

3.) Talk to the next person: This doesn’t mean ignoring or forgetting about the people that you’ve spoken with, but if they don’t understand and appreciate what you’re offering then it’s wise to talk to the next person and move on and continue to develop your relationship with them if they are open to it.

In Summary:
Offering a “business” opportunity” directly to someone should only be done if you 1.) know the other person really well AND 2.) you know they are looking to diversify their income or start a part time business. Otherwise your focus should be on teaching and sharing how people can become independent with their health through natural solutions and essential oils.

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