How Many Drops Of Essential Oil In An Ounce (Oz)?

How Many Drops Of Essential Oil In An Ounce (Oz)?

Professional aromatherapist Elizabeth Ashley, author of the secret healer aromatherapy manuals discusses how many drops of essential oil in an ounce and how to use that information to make essential oil blends.

There are 560 drops in an ounce.
In 1 mL of oil there is 20 drops. How many drops in 5 mL of oil equals hundred drops.
A teaspoon of oil is 5 mL of oil equals hundred drops.

Maximum dilutions of essential oil:
in most cases, for a healthy adult we use 3% dilutions.
For adults in a weakened state 2% dilutions
For young children use a 1% dilution.
There are variations of this depending on which essential oil using but for the most part this is correct.
Since newborn babies do not have a fully developed skin layer, I would suggest not using essential oils at all on children under the age of six months.
For children aged six months to 2 years use 0.5% dilutions.
How much carrier oil versus essential oil.

How to calculate dilutions.
Calculate how many drops are in your carrier oil.
Divide that number by 100 to get 1%.
Multiply that number by 3 to get 3% .

For the magical 1 ounce of carrier oil, to use 1% essential oil will equal 5.6 drops of an essential oil. Therefore you can safely use six drops for 1% dilution.

In a tablespoon then, at 3% dilution you could you safely use 17 drops of essential oil.

We talk about what the term maximum dilutions actually means. How to get past the fear of blending essential oils.

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