How I Use doTERRA Essential Oils as an Athlete to Manage My Pain

How I Use doTERRA Essential Oils as an Athlete to Manage My Pain

Love Exercise? Maybe you’d like to start exercising? Maybe you are having a hard time because of injuries and pain management? Well, it IS possible for many to be physically active and enjoy the process! Here’s my story!

I have been an athlete for years and have participated in soccer, softball, cross-country running, & basketball! Heck, I even got a basketball scholarship in college, which ended up with a few seasons of torn ligaments in BOTH ankles…OUCH! And I herniated discs in my back later in life, so I understand the struggles associated with athletics.

But after all these years, I’m in my 40’s, and I enjoy running RAGNARs, half-marathons, marathons (ok, maybe didn’t enjoy that one too much!), and working out at the gym, which includes weight-lifting and yes, those dreaded burpees!

These are my daily MUSTS to support my body as I pursue my athletic endeavors:

1) Lifelong Vitality Pack (our nutrients! SOOO important to help our body help repair us!)

2) Deep Blue Polyphenol Capsules (natural “Aleve”…1 in morning and 1 at night)

3) Deep Blue Rub (as needed on location for joint pain/muscle aches)

4) Deep Blue Oil (I add to Deep Blue Rub)

5) DDR Prime Oil (cellular support! 4 drops in a capsule, 2x/day)

6) Copaiba (doTERRA’s “medicinal marijuana”; 2 drops in a capsule, 2x/day…or sublingually…and in your Deep Blue Rub on location)

7) Frankincense (anti-inflammatory; sublingually is great!)

8) Rollerball Blend for Your Specific Injury

Here’s mine for Sprain / Cartilage Injury Support:

10 – Lavender
10 – Eucalyptus
10 – Lemongrass (joint injuries/tissue repair)
10 – Frankincense (inflammation)
10 – Peppermint
12 – Sandalwood (helps regenerate)
10 – Marjoram (pain)
Fill rest of 10ml bottle with FCO (fractionated coconut oil)

I also add 5-10 drops of each of these as well, because I know how great they are! This is probably way too many oils, but I throw them in there anyway, because I just don’t want to miss out on any of their benefits, and I feel like it’s helped me recover from my torn ligaments & sprains very well!

~Siberian Fir
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