How I lost my hair and how I'm regrowing it back in six months time. March 12, 2019

How I lost my hair and how I'm regrowing it back in six months time. March 12, 2019

This video is footage taken on March 12, 2019 and unfortunately I did not have an app with Time Stamp application when I recorded. All ensuing videos will have a Time Stamp going forward.
If you watched my first video where I give you a quick synapses of my hair loss journey you will know that I was shedding quite rapidly in the last five years. You can see my video here:

In the last three years I came across a method that allowed me to grow my hair fully to the point where I had extreme coverage throughout my scalp. In six months I had full regrowth except for the temples that were filling in as well. I was using several topicals and I was on lipogaine on and off for about two months. Lipogaine was not the main weapon in my arsenal that allowed me to grow back my hair and so quickly but a proprietary way of mechanically handling the scalp. I used lipogaine just to jumpstart my hair growth, but I didn’t want to deal with the nasty side effects of blurry vision, lowered sexual libido and other nasty side effects. Many men report that Minoxidil which is the main ingredient in lipogaine does not work for them especially in the frontal area. However, if you incorporate my regimen and techniques I can tell you that lipogaine and the other topicals worked effectively for me. Moreover, I was applying an onion, garlic and apple cider vinegar mask every other day that worked very effectively to help me grow most of my hair back in six months. Also, I was applying essential oils such as Rosemary, peppermint, lavender, jojoba oil and others in a concoction that helped me keep my scalp clean and also help regrow hair. Essential oils, especially rosemary oil has been proven to help regrow hair just as effectively as Minoxidil. This is the link to the study that starts on page 15:

The problem with hair loss which will be explained to you in more detail by joining my site at:
is two fold: circulation and consistency. Unfortuantely, just like working out, if you stop your muscles will atrophy and you will lose gains. I won’t lie to you hair loss is a battle that has to be maintained in order to keep a full head of hair. This is something I have learned the hard way. As you know from viewing my last video, I made exciting gains only to lose it again because I stopped or let up on the regimen. The good thing, and I know it’s verifiable, your hair will grow back again after an unfortunate shed as I have regrown my hair twice. This is my third time regrowing my hair after an illness in the last part of 2018 along with stress induced my latest hair fallout. I am confident that with regular maintenance and daily application of the techniques outlines in my videos and on my site: you also will grow your hair back and maintain it forever. This method will help you stop losing hair at worst and at best will kickstart your hair regrowth.

In the video, I’m using the Jiusion Wifi USB Digitial Handheld Microscope which I use in order to keep tabs on the condition of my scalp and to view how the miniature hairs go from telogen phase to anagen phase where they become thick vellus hair. You can find it here:

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