How Essential Oils Changed My Son's Life – In His Own Words

How Essential Oils Changed My Son's Life – In His Own Words

Seven years ago, I was the least holistic person you’d ever meet. I had no idea how much our surroundings and what we put into our bodies affected our everyday lives.

As a biologist, I am science minded and need studies and trials; as a mom, I need every bit of that and more to make the best decisions for my children. I learned that money and ROIs are more important in decision making than the consumer it affects.

Kaiden has struggled from a very early age. When we were faced with putting him on meds for his issues, I began exploring other options….I had no idea what was out there other than what had been offered in the realm of western medicine. I researched, took classes, seminars, workshops, read studies, and he became my muse for creating the life we live today.

We are conscious of the food we eat, the cleaners we use, but the addition to essential oils in our world has created coping mechanisms and true health not only for him, but all of us.

I asked him to make a video of what he uses to help people understand and this is what my 15 year old son did. I am forever grateful for the ability to understand true health from the inside as his successes continue. I wanted to share this amazing boy!

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