Homemade Essential Oil Diffuser How To ~ A DIY Oil Diffuser Anyone Can Make

Homemade Essential Oil Diffuser How To ~ A DIY Oil Diffuser Anyone Can Make

Only a few parts and about an hour and you can have a simple do it yourself diffuser to fill your home with amazing aromas. And yes that thumbnail isn’t photoshopped, just text added with MS Paint 😀

See how I made this incredible desk in this video:

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parts list for diffuser:
fog maker:
pc fan:
300ohm resistor:

The way a diffuser works is a piezo electric element vibrates at a very high frequency. This is the white disc you see on the fog maker. This disc is in contact with the water and when it vibrates it creates a low pressure area that causes the water to boil at room temperature. Some of that boiled water re-condenses and the rest leaves the water as mist. The mist takes some of the oil floating on the surface of the water with it and then that oil is naturally vaporized into the air. Essential Oil Diffusers like this get essential oils into the air better and more efficiently than any other type of diffusers.

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This is actually the second homemade essential oil diffuser I’ve made. The first one was the exact same as this one and has been working great for over 4 months. This is definitely a project anyone could do since it requires minimal tools.

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BTW, I came up with wanting to do a project like this after watching the video titled “DIY Reed Diffuser! Homemade Home Products That Save You Money! (Clean My Space)” ( realized that the only people making diy diffuser videos were making a diy reed diffuser which aren’t nearly as good at being a deodorizer as an ultrasonic diffuser. So I figured I could make a guide for the best diy diffuser on youtube. Let me know what you think of the project in the comments!!!!

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