Home Remedies For SINUSITIS | Get Rid of Sinusitis | Health Guide #9

Home Remedies For SINUSITIS | Get Rid of Sinusitis | Health Guide #9

Home Remedies For Sinusitis.

Home remedies for sinusitis are intended for people who are struggling with the characteristic, puffing pain at the base of the nose that radiates to the forehead when leaning or straining. They will bring relief quickly, but they will not eliminate the cause of the problem. Check out what are the home treatments for sinusitis. Home remedies for sinusitis will help alleviate the symptoms of sinus inflammation, such as the runny nose, and pain and pressure around the nose, temples, and forehead, which increase when the head is tilted or during exercise. Diagnose the disease and eliminate its cause; it is necessary to visit a doctor. Check out what are the home treatments for sinusitis.


A warm compress of medicinal iodine-bromine salt (you can buy it at the pharmacy) will help the clogged and aching sinuses. It is enough to heat a few handfuls of coarse salt in a pan, then wrap it in a cloth and put it on your forehead. The iodine and bromine compounds Get Rid of Sinus Infection released from the bag will speed up the nose cleansing process.
In order not to apply a compress that is too hot to your face, check the hotness on the inside of your forearm before the process. After such warming therapy, it is better not to go out in the cold for several hours.


Pour a few tablespoons of peas into a linen bag or cotton sock, and then put in a preheated oven for 60 minutes in the oven for 60 minutes C. You can add 1-2 tablespoons of medicinal iodine-bromine salt to peas.


Inhalations, i.e., inhalation of water vapor along with the aromas of herbs or essential oils, will help thin the secretions, facilitate breathing, and reduce pain. To perform this simple procedure, you will need a bowl of hot water and a towel.

If you only have pain in the base of the nose, you can inhale using a salt solution. Pour 4-6 tablespoons of table salt or sea salt into a 2-liter bowl of hot water. Lean over the steaming water, put a towel on your head (so that a tent is created) and breathe in the fumes. When breathing water vapor, keep your eyes closed. Also, do not bring your face close to the surface of hot water to avoid burns.

If an additional symptom is a runny nose, use herbs that have diastolic effects, such as chamomile, thyme, peppermint, sage, and horsetail. You can also add essential oils: eucalyptus, marjoram, camphor, herbal, lavender, or peppermint oil.

Pour about 1 liter of hot water into a bowl and add about 50 grams of a single herb (or herbal mixture), or pour a few drops of oil. The inhalation should last about 10 minutes. For inhalation to bring the desired effects, it must be done every day for about seven days.

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