Home remedies for headache – 5 Holistic Remedies For Headaches That Actually Work

Home remedies for headache – 5 Holistic Remedies For Headaches That Actually Work

5 Holistic Remedies For Headaches That Actually Work, According To A Migraine Specialist

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People who constantly suffer from headaches and migraine attacks usually have a list of things they do to help them cope with the pain and relieve themselves of it if possible. You can’t do much when your head and neck hurt like crazy. Looking for relief is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Not all the time Tylenol can come to your rescue nor keeping yourself hydrated makes much of a difference. If you’ve become desperate already and running out of options, maybe it is high time you forget about western medicine for now and delve deeper into holistic headache remedies that actually work.

The renowned headache expert, Dr. Susan Hutchinson, shared his thoughts on Elite Daily and discussed further regarding the holistic approach to treating headaches. Take note, though, that not all the time these holistic remedies may work for you but it is worth exploring especially if conventional medicines no longer work for you or offer relief. Here are some examples of natural headache remedies you can try when the pain persists even after popping a pill or two.

1. Essential Oils
Essential oils are renowned for their healing properties. Dr. Hutchinson suggests eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint relieve that throbbing head pain that does not seem to go away.

The expert suggests putting a dab on these oils on your temple or add several drops on the humidifier and inhale to your heart’s content. But rather than doing everything all at once, try one at a time or you might get overwhelmed by the scent.

2. Yoga (Or any Zen-inspired workout)
Stress is one of the major causes of headaches as per the Office on Women’s Health. But we all deal with stress in our everyday lives. Once the stress has become unbearable and leaves us feeling anxious, that’s when your head starts to ache as if it is about to crack.

To reduce stress and muscle tension, try yoga instead. Other activities like biking, running, swimming, and walking can also relieve you of anxiety according to Dr. Hutchinson.Give them all a try and find out which one works best for you and stick with it.

Physical exercise is not only good for your health and physique but helps you better deal with stress too. Dr. Hutchinson shares that you are able to better manage pain if you are in a better mindset. So, move around and sweat it out and your headache will definitely disappear sooner rather than later.

3. This Fancy Ear Device
There is this new fancy ear device known as MigraineX you should know of. It sends alerts to your phone app every time it detects a drop in barometric pressure otherwise known as the atmospheric pressure. In layman’s term, it is the weight of the air. Dr. Hutchinson warns people that these environmental changes can trigger a nasty headache. To protect yourself from it, wear the MigraineX device. It is like an earplug that protects you from potential migraine triggers. There are filters in it that prevents the barometric pressure from dropping further.

If you are a busybee and travels frequently, you can benefit a lot from MigraineX since you can’t always be sensitive to atmospheric shifts in your surroundings that can trigger a migraine.

4. A Smarter Diet
You can never go wrong with proper nutrition. It is as holistic as you can ever get.

Hence, choose healthier food options. It means you should consume more fruits and veggies and avoid sweets and most processed foods to ensure you don’t always fall victim to headaches. Dr. Hutchinson says to increase your intake of natural foods in your every meal. Eat a variety of healthy dishes and your head won’t hurt as often as it did in the past.

5. Ice pack + Dark Room
Dr. Hutchinson says that the combination of an ice pack + a dark room is not just holistic but backed by experts. It is pretty much a no-brainer too. In the midst of a migraine attack, lie down in a dark and quiet room with an ice pack on top of your forehead for half an hour. The migraine expert suggests taking a nice bath filled with Epson salt if things still turn for the worst.

The expert tells Elite Daily that some women find the magnesium in the salt calming to their system. Take care of yourself first and you can definitely conquer the world.

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