Happy New Year! | Demo Making Cold Process Cream Soap | Recipe Included |Jentle Soaps™

Happy New Year! | Demo Making Cold Process Cream Soap | Recipe Included |Jentle Soaps™

Happy New Year! This cream soap was highly requested so I decided to share some of my soapy secrets. Put on your soapy safety gear and join me in my soapy kitchen while I make one of my favorite soap of all time.

I’m going to make a lot of things with this base soap this year so I thought I’d show you how I make cream soap. Some people use the hot process but I prefer cold process whenever possible. This turned out brilliant so I’ve decided to share with all my soapy friends!

Cream Soap

500 g Rice Bran Oil
200 g Virgin Coconut Oil
50 g Cocoa Butter
50 g Shea Butter
200 g Crisco type shortening
200 g Stearic Acid

Lye Water
41 g. NaOH
173 g. KOH

1200 g. Water

Please use safety gear and protect your eyes, lungs, and skin. Soap making techniques like this are not really for beginners. If you are new to soap making I’d suggest you try melt and pour soap or rebatching cured soap first. Soaping 101 has an excellent tutorial on cream soap making as well so check out that site if you enjoyed this presentation.

Tips: Leave to saponify for 2 months. Check pH before using. (phenolphthalein indicator drops, digital pH meter or even litmus pH strips–please do not do the zap test) If you don’t want to wait you can add ACV or citric acid to reduce the pH. I did get impatient and the cream soap was lovely when adjusted for pH. It did however saponify perfectly well all on it’s own, so just be patient.

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