Gifts, Talents, and Your God-Given Purpose – NLF Podcast Ep 22

Gifts, Talents, and Your God-Given Purpose – NLF Podcast Ep 22

Natural Living Family Podcast Episode 22 – Gifts, Talents, and Your God-Given Purpose

Living a life worth living is one that is full of God-given purpose and pursing your passions. This is why having a relationship with Christ so important in order to find the guidance that you’re looking for. as your chase your dreams.

Sadly, far too many people never really “tap into” their destiny and suffer through an unfulfilling life that doesn’t make an impact on bettering the world.


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This week, we tackle this life-transforming topic and will talk about the personality and gifting “tests” that people take and how they don’t really help with getting to your core, God-given purpose – and what does help.

Mama Z shares her story about becoming a worship team singer, illustrating how following God’s lead can bring skill and talent. Dr. Z talks about how he overcame a chronic speech impediment to show you how a so-called “natural weakness” can actually be a sign of a Godly gift that can found deep within.

Throughout, we’ll share practical tips and steps that you can take right now to discover your gifts, uncover your passions, and start pursuing your God-given purpose! Join us.

Today’s topic intro, what’s in our diffuser & your reviews! (1:55)
Listen, learn, research and apply: Mama Z’s story (6:17)
How do I find my God-given purpose? (14:08)
Keys to uncovering your gifts (23:38)
Your God-Given Purposes- Believing Him (28:09)
Put deeds to your faith to see what happens with your God-given purpose (35:38)
Tips to fortify and nurture your talents (41:46)
Are you open and flexible to the God-given purpose of your life? (48:10)
Natural living tip and episode wrap (55:17)


“Just because you might be gifted or talented doesn’t mean you actually are going to be good at something. Something I had to practice was to listen, learn, research, and then apply.” – Dr. Z

“When we try to step into God’s role, we get robbed of ours.” – Mama Z

“When people have a natural weakness, it may actually be a sign of a potential gift or strength they have.” – Dr. Z

“Make sure that whatever you’re doing is going to help grow and establish the gifts that God has given you.” – Mama Z

“If you are growing, you should be experiencing change. You should not be stagnant.” – Dr. Z