GET RID OF EYE FLOATERS | Natural Treatment For Floaters In The Eyes

GET RID OF EYE FLOATERS | Natural Treatment For Floaters In The Eyes

How to GET RID OF FLOATERS IN THE EYE naturally? Learn easy, safe & effective eye floaters treatments that work.

What are floaters:- Eye floaters appear as small moving objects in the field of vision specially while looking at a plain or bright background (like the sky). These eye floaters appear as black dots or lines or thread like strands or ring shaped. Most of the times they do not interfere with the sight but occasionally if the floater is large it may cast subtle shadow over vision.

Eye floaters are caused by a protein called collagen. The eye is filled with a gel like substance called vitreous humor. Over the time this vitreous and collagen fibres shrink and shred and float around in the vitreous gel and are thus called as floaters.

* Floaters can be caused due to various reasons like:
• aging
• eye injury
• eye disease

In Chinese medicine it is also said that the congestion in kidney, liver and colon can contribute to the development of eye floaters. Those with diabetes can develop eye floaters because of weak capillaries in eyes which could leak blood causing clots. Stress is also said to be a major factor leading to floaters in the eye.

Excessive exposure to TV and computer screen causes stress to eyes which can lead to formation of eye floaters. People with near nearsightedness are also more likely to develop these floaters.
A sudden increase in the number of floaters is a cause of concern and requires immediate attention. Some home remedies can help in decreasing the eye floaters but if floaters are accompanied by loss of side vision or flashes of light then they need to be checked as these symptoms can be caused by retinal detachment, retinal tear, eye tumors or internal bleeding of the eye. In addition to these kinds of floaters are also observed during the migraine headaches.

How To Get Rid Of Eye Floaters Naturally?

* Here are some home remedies which can help eye floaters treatment:-

1) Green Tea For Eye Floater Removal
The best way to reduce eye floaters is to drink a cup of green tea every morning. Green tea is high in antioxidants which strengthen the retinal tissue and hence improves vision.

2) Antioxidants For Eye Floater Removal
Take a few walnuts, add a tea spoon of honey and eat this daily. Walnuts are rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids which are known to reduce eye floaters.

3) Spinach For Eye Floater Removal
Drink one glass of spinach juice every morning to get rid of eye floaters.

Hope you feel better soon!

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