Fish Oils for Dogs and Cats – Benefits Explained by Only Natural Pet Store

Fish Oils for Dogs and Cats – Benefits Explained by Only Natural Pet Store

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The important EPA and DHA Omega-3 essential fatty acids are plentiful in salmon oil. And unlike plant-based Omega-3 products (such as flax seed), fish oil is readily processed by the digestive system, resulting in more available essential fatty acids per serving. A daily dose of salmon oil is a must for any dog or cat with skin or coat issues, including those caused by allergies – but it will make a noticeable improvement in the coat of any animal, young or old.

Benefits of the naturally occurring EFAs in Fish Oil include

Supporting healthy skin and glossy coat – EFAs have been widely recommended by vets in recent years to help support skin and coat health for more shine and less dry skin and shedding.

Helping normalize inflammatory response — holistic vets have documented the important role of DHA and EPA in immune system disorders like allergies and inflammatory joint disorders, due to their ability to bring EFA levels into greater balance in the body.

Supporting cardiovascular and neurological wellness — Human research with omega-3 EFAs has demonstrated their ability to help keep the heart and blood vessels, including those that supply the brain, healthy and functioning optimally.

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