Fasting & Brain Health + Genius Foods w/ Max Lugavere

Fasting & Brain Health + Genius Foods w/ Max Lugavere

Max is a sought after nutrition expert and author of Genius Foods. He reveals top nutrition and lifestyle strategies to boost brain memory & mental performance.

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Key Timestamps:

04:50 Vegetables are needed for the health of your microbiome and gut mucosa.
07:50 Carotenoids in grass fed beef are beneficial for your brain.
08:55 Women who did not eat 3 to 4 servings of red meat per week were twice as likely to suffer from depression or a major mood disorder, research showed.
10:02 Red meat contains vitamin B12, zinc, creatine, and the most bioavailable source of iron.
11:04 Sixty percent of the calories that Americans consume come from 3 plants: wheat, corn and rice.
12:32 When we first awaken, our hormones are set up to burn fat. Cortisol, your body’s chief catabolic hormone, is at its peak about 45 minutes are your awaken.
14:11 People who eat dark leafy greens every day, have brains that on scans look 11 years younger.
14:30 Some of the most valuable nutrients in dark leafy greens are only absorbed in the presence of fat.
15:44 Don’t eat sugar with meat.
18:46 Fasting increases alertness by increasing serum levels of neurotransmitter orexin- A.
19:46 Green tea contains theanine and caffeine, which work synergistically as a neurotropic, boosting working memory.
21:23 Decision-making is more prone toward beneficial outcomes when done in a fasted state.
22:41 Sixty-five percent of the American planted land mass is dedicated to growing wheat, corn and soy.
27:09 Our visceral fat has 4 times the amount of cortisol receptors as subcutaneous fat.
28:45 Sleep turns your brain into a dishwasher via the glymphatic system.
32:45 Amyloid may be antimicrobial, a protective protein. Amyloid has been assumed to be the causative factor in Alzheimer’s. Research does not support this.
35:31 Alzheimer’s begins in the brain 30 to 40 years before the first symptom.
36:35 Carbohydrates are not the smoking gun in Alzheimer’s disease.
40:08 The LDL-P, particulate size measurement, is a more reliable biomarker for assessing cardiovascular risk. Large fluffy LDL particles are like busses. Cars, or smaller particles, cause traffic problems in the blood.
45:15 Cholesterol lowering medications lower your body’s cholesterol production has been related to cognitive problems that can, in extreme cases, look like dementia.
46:23 Inflammation is closely related to heart disease risk. Heart disease risk relates to the brain.
46:49 Cholesterol isn’t the bad guy. Keep it and the lipoprotein carriers healthy.
49:45 IRS-1 (insulin receptor substrate 1) inactive form is found in higher amounts in people who appear to be at risk for Alzheimer’s disease. IRS-1 is related to insulin resistance in the brain.
51:25 Lifestyle interventions can, not only delay cognitive decline, but improve processing speed by 150% and improve executive function by 83%, according to The Finger Trial of older at-risk participants..
56:33 Saturated fat reduces the amount of LDL receptors on the liver, impeding LDL recycling, important for large bus cholesterol.
01:01:36 Oils and fats are not nutrient dense and do not promote satiety as well as protein.
01:08:36 Diminished glucose metabolism is a feature of a brain with Alzheimer’s disease.
01:12:11 Alzheimer’s patients develop a sweet tooth. It is thought to be their brains crying out for energy.
01:18:56 Experience thermal stress. There is a 65% reduction in Alzheimer’s disease with sauna use, 4 – 7 times per week.
01:22:15 Max’s Morning Routine: He goes outside for cold exposure and sunlight.
01:23:58 Max’s Desert Island Nutrient: Astaxanthin, a marine carotenoid, is good for your skin, eyes and brain, and stokes the FOX03 pathway, which is associated with longevity.
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